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Small disciplines. BIG results.




We are creatures of habit. It’s who we are. Whether the habits we have bring us and others closer to Jesus is up to us. We are starting this new year examining the habits we have surrounding the Church, community, family, work, money, and relationships. Our hope is that together, as a community, we will choose small disciplines that will produce BIG results that will bring glory to God and draw us nearer to Jesus.

“We create habits that honor God by making small, consistent changes.”

We make healthy habits and positive changes one step at a time. Use this Habit Tracker to track the small daily disciplines you are committing to!
CLICK HERE to download your FREE Habit Tracker!


  • ​​Completing your Habit Tracker
If you want to find out how to use the Habit Tracker, we’ll give you a quick breakdown!
​You write down a habit on one of the lines, and then each day you complete that habit, you fill in the block to keep track of it. 
We even made our tracker with 31 columns so that it can be used for any month!
By the end of the month you’ll have a full record of how well you kept up with your new habits of 2021!
Phone Reminders​
Use these phone and computer wallpapers as a constant reminder and encouragement to yourself and others that the small disciplines you have committed to will bring big results. (Click on the images to download)
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